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Privileged Access Management

Embed a chain of custody over your most critical assets

Privilege controls permission.  Without that permission an attacker cannot move laterally inside a network, cannot take over systems and cannot exploit initial breeches.  Because of this, PAM holds a vital place in the security landscape.  As hyper-connectivity from device proliferation, cloud migration and outsourcing have expanded the attack surface exponentially, the requirement to control privilege has become vital and pressing.


At heart, PAM is not a product.  It is a decision to accept permanently changing the way you work as the price of controlling privilege.  Unfortunately privilege touches every team, every operating system,  every virtual host, every cloud, every database, every network device, every outsource partner, every access point, every SCADA system, every developer and every application.  Complexity in PAM is a mirror of your total complexity.

75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access and privileges (up from 50% in 2020).


Gartner Managing Privileged Access in Cloud Infrastructure. Published 9 June 2020

Keep Staff Secure

Passwords and Secrets Management

Identify and secure all service, application and root accounts across your environment

Secure Remote and Vendor Access

Provides eternal access to your environment without VPN preventing internal credentials from being externally viewed

Application to Application Integrations

Enforce least privilege when interacting between applications and their services

Endpoint Least privilege

Remove local admin rights, enforce least privilege, and implement foundational endpoint security controls across all Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints from hybrid to cloud environments.

Least Privilege in your cloud environment

Remove excessive permissions across your cloud footprint.

Detect and remediate excessive cloud permissions to keep uncertainty at bay.

Proactively defend against internal and external threats so you can focus on what matters most

Isolate & Monitor Sessions

Maintain compliance with recorded key events and tamper-resistant audits. Establish secure, isolated remote sessions and record all activity during that session. End users never directly connect to target systems, reducing the risk of malware.

Phased Implementation Plan 


Our Methodology
Proven by Experience

WebSecure's PAM methodology involves planning for outcomes.

We begin by understanding your PAM posture, developing a road map to reduce risk, depth and breadth of PAM assets. This phased approach ensures a holistic approach with tangible outcomes.


Our methodology is proven by our track record. Having deployed PAM for over a decade our engineers have the battle hardened scars to prove they know what they're doing.


WebSecure realise that technology projects do not stall due to the technology. It's a balance between technology, people and process. We provide more than just the technology implementation. Our team incorporates organisational change management, enabling adoption and continued integration after the initial build phase is complete.​

PAM as a Service

Privileged accounts are the gateway to your organisations most critical assets. Therefore, they need to be protected, managed and audited with special care. With tan increase of privileged credential abuse, compliance pressure, and constant threats from external threats, organisations must adopt a proactive approach when managing privileged accounts.  WebSecure’s Privileged Access Management as-a-Service (PAMaaS), powered by CyberArk Privilege Cloud, is a single solution that gives the end-to-end planning, implementation and operational management you need to protect your most sensitive accounts, delivered in a flexible, scalable, as-a-service model. PAMaaS allows you to deploy foundational capabilities and obtain quick wins for early  momentum while enhancing operational efficiency. Whether you are securing applications and infrastructure in your data centres the public cloud, or both, it provides secure 24/7/365 privileged access management for your environment. Let us manage your PAM platform so you can focus on business critical priorities to grow your business.

PAM - Self Hosted

CyberArk's PAM solution is a secure password management solution designed to generate, issue, manage and return passwords for generic/shared accounts like service accounts and privileged user/administrator accounts. The solution enables the credentials to be centrally managed and allows the administrator to define and enforce governing policies i.e. who (user, role or group) can access certain privileged account credentials across the respective target systems. At the centre of the solution resides the CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) which allows organisations to secure, manage, automate and log all activities associated with privileged accounts. Keep PAM on your 'side of the fence' ensuring data integrity, chain of custody and recoverability.  WebSecure help with the design phase. The Build Phase The Recovery plan. Implementation Timeline. User Acceptance Testing.

Operational Support for PAM - Self Hosted


Support extends to beyond the PAM solution alone, ensuring connectors, on-boarding, application accounts and patching is covered


Monitoring extended to accounts, infrastructure, capacity planning as well as service desk and incident control.


Maintenance covering DR, break glass, patching (including third party components) and normal maintenance tasks

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